13 Dec

Going Out In Bucharest

What makes a city trip complete is enjoying like a local what the city has to offer. Knowing where the best bistros are or which bars have a great atmosphere for an evening out are essential for a memorable trip. Here is our selection of hip bars and bistros to mark on your map while visiting Bucharest.

Piua Book Bar
A bar and library all in one – add to that colourful bohemian interiors and you get Piua Book Bar. This is a place for those of you who like creative designs, but at the same time an intimate atmosphere. From drinking a hot cup of tea to Romanian craft beer, from enjoying a laid-back evening out to partying with friends, Piua is good choice on many occasions.
Address: 76 Dionisie Lupu


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30 Jun

Let’s go on a bike ride on Calea Victoriei!

Today we’re taking out our bikes and we’re going on a city tour! You don’t have to worry about the traffic in Bucharest, because we will be taking advantage of the perfect bike lanes on Calea Victoriei. Are you ready to ride around the city and see the main attractions in Bucharest? Let’s go!

We’re starting off near Piața Universității (University Square), in front of CEC Palace. Built right at the beginning of the 20th century, it fits perfectly well into the Parisian atmosphere that Bucharest was once renowned for.


Across the street you’ll find the perfect place to discover Romania’s past – the National History Museum and on the steps of the museum a somewhat peculiar statue. It’s the famous Trajan and the She-wolf statue. Tourists and locals alike never miss a chance to take a picture with it!

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30 Apr

Top Concerts in Bucharest This Summer

This summer, mark Bucharest on your map of places to visit, like so many artists from all over the world have already done! The capital of Romania has so much to offer and when you combine that with a lot of special events you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the many concerts all summer long and enjoy Bucharest at the same time. Here’s a list of the hottest events of the season for you to choose from.

The musical seasons kicks off in May with a great variety of genres. On 12 May dance with Enrique Iglesias at his Sex and Love concert taking place at Romexpo event centre. It will be a night full of energy on latino pop rhythms. Alternatively, you can spend the evening in the company of jazz music at Sala Radio with Anouar Brahem Quartet, a group famous for combining jazz with Arab folk music.


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28 Mar

Spending Easter Discovering Romania

With Easter on its way, you have the perfect opportunity to come on an extended stay in Bucharest. The city has a lot to offer and so do the surroundings, so make sure to put aside some time to explore the main attractions nearby Bucharest. Take a look at our selection of day-trip ideas and pick the one that suits you best. You are in for a treat!

A spa day: Therme

Located just outside of Bucharest, up north, Therme is a great choice if you’re looking for more than just a relaxing spa day. No matter the weather outside, the hot thermal water and palm trees will make you feel like you are at the Tropics! There’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes: jacuzzi, swimming pools (one with waves!), slides, saunas, so there is no chance that you will get bored. Therme is open all week round.

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26 Nov

Winter Holidays in Romania

Crăciun Fericit! This is the greeting that you’ll hear everywhere when you come to Romania during the winter holidays and maybe you’ve guessed what it means – yes, it’s how Romanians say “Merry Christmas“! There are so many traditions spanning over the course of December and knowing a little about them will surely add to the experience of visiting Bucharest in winter. You already know the most important phrase of the season so now let’s move on to talking about customs.


The winter holidays begin with Saint Nicholas Day (6 December), a favourite among children. On the evening of 5 December, every child makes sure to make their boots spotless clean because during the night Saint Nicholas comes and fills them up with sweets. It said that if it snows on this day, the winter ahead will be long and cold. Read More

30 Sep

Bucharest Design District

Almost every trip has a part that is dedicated to shopping, be it for clothing, traditional souvenirs or accessories that would give a twist to your interior design at home. Why not turn this part of your trip into a memorable and insightful experience into the local design scene? We have mapped out a selection of shops and galleries that make up Bucharest’s fashion & design district, places from where you won’t leave empty-handed for sure.

You’ll find unique shops off the main boulevards, scattered around little streets. For interior design aficionados, Dizainăr is the place to start. Putting together works of various well-known Romanian designers, Dizainăr has a lot to offer, from ceramics and furniture to jewelry and photography. The shop is close to Magheru Boulevard, at 17 Puțul cu Plopi.

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31 Aug

Exploring the Street Art of Bucharest

It’s refreshing to see the city change with colour and creativity! Although Bucharest is not yet an established street art hub, you can’t help but be impressed by its potential. Ingenious graffiti are shaping up a hip vibe in more and more parts of Bucharest and add splashes of colour to the urban landscape and smiles to everyone who passes by.

There’s no better place to start our unique tour of the street art in Bucharest than Arthur Verona Street, the place where street art started happening a few years ago. Pop in at Cafe Verona on the same street and grab a refreshing drink to make it through the whole tour.

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31 Jul

Romanian Sweets&Drinks That You Have to Try

We all have our favourite sweet treats that we just love to give in to! It goes without saying that there are a few snacks that are representative for the tastes of a whole nation. When you are in Romania you have to try all the local flavours, so go ahead and grab the snacks in our selection and let us know what you think! And to make this list even more appealing, we’ve also added recommendations of traditional drinks. Let’s see:

ROM Chocolate


The ROM Chocolate bar is the most distinctive chocolate treat in Romania and you can get at every corner shop you run into. It’s been around since the ’60s and it looks like it’s going to be here for just as long. The delicious combination of dark chocolate and rum will surely get your taste buds going! Read More

31 May

Why to visit Romania in Summer

There are so many reasons of why you should visit Romania in the summer – from the local cuisine and culture to the East-European nightlife. Either you’re into sightseeing or do you fancy museum trips and then enjoy the local cafés; Bucharest is a place not to be missed. Walk with me through the most charming points of Romania’s capital.

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31 Mar

5 Romanian Designers to Watch

For all those of you with a taste for fashion, travelling can be a great opportunity to nurture your passion for unique clothing. A tour of the local brands will surely add a welcome twist to your trip and make for an opportunity to pick special souvenirs. Take a lookg at the works of these 5 Romanian fashion designers and make sure to add them to your to-be-watched list!

Adelina Ivan has been present in the fashion industry for some time now, putting forward collections that play along the lines of minimalistic allure. Her creations are all about simplicity, black-and-white harmony and geometry, definitely worth keeping in mind if you have a nack for the clean cut style. Bucharest Showroom address: Intrarea Pilsudski 5.

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