31 Mar

5 Romanian Designers to Watch

For all those of you with a taste for fashion, travelling can be a great opportunity to nurture your passion for unique clothing. A tour of the local brands will surely add a welcome twist to your trip and make for an opportunity to pick special souvenirs. Take a lookg at the works of these 5 Romanian fashion designers and make sure to add them to your to-be-watched list!

Adelina Ivan has been present in the fashion industry for some time now, putting forward collections that play along the lines of minimalistic allure. Her creations are all about simplicity, black-and-white harmony and geometry, definitely worth keeping in mind if you have a nack for the clean cut style. Bucharest Showroom address: Intrarea Pilsudski 5.



Claudia Castrase explores a variety of worlds and tells stories through her collections. She has taken inspiration from the Greek culture, from the Japanese, not to forget her Romanian roots. To find out where her latest work has taken her to, check out her showroom. Address: Intrarea Anasonului 6


Răzvan Firea is one of the up-and-coming young Romanian fashion designers, making a name for himself in the fashion industry with his brand, Le Petit Indigent, launched in 2011. His creations appeal to those with vibrant personalities, young and adventurous spirits.
Showroom addresses: The Place – Calea Victoriei 88-85;
Open Minds – Luigi Cazzavillan 12



Cristian Samfira has experimented with arts in general, not only with fashion, and he finds ways to integrate that experience into his designs, for example by hand painting some of his creations. The Cristian Samfira brand has been around in the fashion scene for over 10 years with very limited edition designs and custom made orders. Showroom address: Mihail Kogălniceanu 51


Irina Marinescu aims her creations at powerful women. The established Romanian brand Irina Marinescu is all about attention to detail and promoting handamade work in order to create unique pieces of clothing.
Address: Intrarea Pristolului 3, first floor


To find clothing with personality, go off the beaten track of commercial brands and try the offer of the local design scene!

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