19 Jul

A One Day Trip Outside Bucharest

During an extended stay in Bucharest why not venture outside the city for a day? There are quite a few destinations and each promises varied activities, ranging from a tour of an 18th century palace to putting your muscles to work by kayaking or going on an adventure park. Here are 3 itineraries of the top attractions nearby Bucharest:

Combining sightseeing, sports and relaxation, Snagov is a day trip suitable for anyone’s tastes. To make the most out of it, make sure to add a little bit of everything that Snagov has to offer. Lacul-Snagov-cu-insula

Start your day by putting your energy to good use: hop into a kayak and explore the lake! The more curious ones can go beneath the water surface and delve into the depths of the lake by scuba diving. If water is not exactly your thing and you’d rather have some solid ground under your feet, a bike tour of the village and forest might be the right activity for you.


Come lunch time, your worked-up appetite will be satisfied by the restaurants in Snagov Park. Situated by the lake, the terraced bistros also make for great relaxation spots, perfect for taking in the beautiful sights.

After the dynamic morning, an afternoon stroll to the Snagov Monastery island is the toned-down activity that makes this day trip complete. Dating from the beginning of the 15th century, the monastery is a great example of medieval architecture and has been an important monachal and cultural spot along the course of history. Snagov

Palatul Mogoșoaia
Only 10 km away from Bucharest, the Mogoșoaia Palace is one of the most beloved destinations in the vecinity of the city. For a more laid-back outing, this is the place to choose. Our recommendation? Go for a picnic with your family or friends, nothing can be more relaxing than lying on the grass and enjoying a good meal in a splendid setting.


Built between 1698 and 1702, the Mogoșoaia Palace is representative for the Romanian Renaissance architectural style, an ecclectic style that combines Byzantine, late Renaissant and Baroque elements. Right upon entering the estate, you will come across a beautiful vantage point over the surroundings and the Mogoșoaia Lake: the gate tower, easily reached by climbing the exterior stairs.


The interiors are not open to visitors, except for the building that used to serve as a kitchen. Today, it is the place where various exhibitions take place, so make sure to check it out while there. What’s more, during spring and summer the Palace hosts concerts and festivals, so keep up-to-date with the latest events!

Comana Park
If you’re looking for a quick escape to nature, then the Natural Reserve Comana is the answer! What’s great about it is that it boasts tranquility, but also offers a lot of entertaining opportunities for the more energetic of you!


The Comana Adventure Park is a must try if you love climbing and zip lining. Make good use of your energy and go for it when you arrive at Comana. There are three tracks for adults, building up from the easiest to the most one, while children can enjoy two special tracks. For lunchtime, you can either opt for the on-site restaurants or bring along your treats and have a picnic.


The Adventure Park is just one of the many things that you can choose to do here: you can show off your rowing skills and rent a boat, or go biking, learn to ride a horse and, if you’re patient enough, bird watching. It’s up to you to find the best combination of activities!

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