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28 Feb

5 Special Souvenirs from Romania

Going souvenir hunting is one of those parts that almost never misses from a trip. Why? The answer is simple: back at home, going through your collection of items from around the world, you’ll get to relive those wonderful memories from all the places that you have visited! When it comes to choosing a souvenir, make sure you go for unique and traditional memorabilia made by local artists and craftsmen. If you’re not really sure what to choose to remember Romania by, our selection will surely come in handy:

If you visit Romania in the first week of March, then you definitely can’t leave without the traditional “mărțișor”. From the olden days up until present time, men would offer women either a little trinket or flowers adorned with a red and white string as a symbol of their respect and women would wear the trinkets pinned to their clothes. The colours of the string bear significance: the red is said to stand for life and the white for purity. It is said that those who wear the red and white string will be healthy and prosperous throughout the year.





Peasant blouses have been catching on popularity, but an authentic one will surely stand out. A traditional “ie” (the Romanian for peasant blouse) is entirely handmade, from the thin white fabric to the intricate embroidery on the chest and sleeves, bearing patterns that used to tell stories about the wearer, giving clues about age, social status and region. Have your “ie” ready in June, on the 24th the unofficial day of the Romanian blouse is celebrated!

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22 Feb

5 reasons to visit Romania in Spring

There’s nothing like seeing nature come back to life and taking in all that energy! A spring escapade is sure to recharge your batteries and leave you with wonderful memories of unique places in full bloom, not to mention the great variety of traditions specific to this time of the year that are sure to make for memorable experiences. Let’s take a look at the best times to visit Romania in spring!


In one of the last few days of winter, on February 24th, Romanians celebrate their very own Valentine’s Day, Dragobete. Dating back from the ancient times of the Dacians, this holiday is dedicated to the god of love and high spirits. Folk stories say that symbolic engagements can be tied between boys and girls and those who celebrate this day with joy will be healthy all year long. Dragobete is also known as Head of Spring, as the weather begins to soften, beckoning the beginning of spring.

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31 Jan

5 Places Where You Can Easily Connect With the People of Bucharest

Discovering a new city is much more than just taking in the sights, one makes the most of it by meeting the people of the city and exploring the local social life. As a tourist, knowing which are the places where you can easily connect with the locals will definitely come in handy. So, here you go, these are our 5 suggestions for meeting the people of Bucharest:


Nordic-design in the heart of Bucharest – M60 is a homey cafe that brings Scandinavian atmosphere to the cafe scene in Bucharest. It’s the perfect place to socialize over a drink.


Bucharest Impact Hub

Innovation, networking, sustainability – these are the key words at Bucharest Impact Hub, a platform that connects people, facilitates the exchange of ideas and inspiration for a creative development of the world. Here you’ll find a great variety of events, like workshops and conferences, designed to bring together like-minded people.


Fire Club

Pub on the ground floor, club in the basement – through its musical selection and laid-back atmosphere, Fire brings together music lovers of all ages. The pub is perfect for enjoying a beer while conversing with the locals and whenever the dance mood sets in, all you have to do is head downstairs!



Sharing in your music interests with others is the best way to connect with the locals. And what better place could there be other than a concert where everyone enthusiasm is at the highest level? One of this year’s most awaited concerts in Bucharest is Robbie Williams’s, which will take place on July 17th right in front of the Parliament Building.


Cervantes Institute & Humanitas Cișmigiu

For those interested in the cultural side of the city, the area around Cișmigiu Park has a few good offers. Cervantes Institute and Humanitas Cișmigiu Library often organise events, such as talks and book launches, perfect for sharing in ideas and socializing.


From casual hangout places to specific interest-based networking hubs, you have plentiful opportunities to connect with the people of Bucharest. All that’s left is for you to choose the one that suits you best!

30 Nov

12 Stylish Hours in Bucharest

There are many ways of discovering Bucharest, it’s only a question of finding the one fit for your tastes. With an ever growing art&design scene, choosing the creative path to explore the city will surely take you to memorable places. And even though you might not have enough time on your hands, with a few tips and a plan a design tour of Bucharest can turn out great! Here is our take on 12 hours in a unique selection of destinations.

9:30 am – Origo Coffee Shop

Start your day enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Origo in the Old Town, the first coffee shop with its own roaster in Bucharest. A space clearly designed for coffee lovers, Origo is all about light and shade, with the center piece being the installation made of over 250 coffee cups that dangle over the bar. Address: 9 Lipscani Street Read More

20 Nov

Sports and Recreation in Bucharest

Putting your muscles to some good work is always a good way to keep you feeling refreshed, even when away from home on holiday or on a business trip. There are plentiful ways to add sports, either more intense or just enough to keep oneself fit, and recreational activities into your holiday plans. Find ways to mix sightseeing with a work out and make sure to take advantage of the season, you might just be able to add a unique twist to your stay in Bucharest.

Cycling through the city

Bike rentals from Herăstrău Park and Kiseleff Park are a popular choice for everyone who wants to pedal their way through the city while discovering the main sights in Bucharest. This makes for a great introduction into what Bucharest has to offer, as it is a quick way to get around and you can tailor your itinerary along the way.

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31 Oct

Who’s Got A Sweet Tooth?

Everybody loves a good desert, especially during a holiday escapade. Knowing what places are a definite must try will surely come in handy, because what better way is there to relax after a session of sightseeing if not by sitting down in a cosy café or restaurant and indulging into a delicious sweet treat?

When in Bucharest, keep an eye out for the following 7 places where tasty deserts are all the rage:

Casa Capșa

With a long tradition and fame, Capșa House has been around for more than 150 years with some of the best confectionaries in the city. Both a pastry shop and a coffee house, Capșa used to be an aristocratic meeting place and it retains to this day the glamour of the times of yore.
Address: 36 Calea Victoriei

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30 Sep

Travelling in a Group to Bucharest

When setting out on a journey either with a larger group of friends or with your family, you know the itinerary has to be diverse and cater for everyone’s interests. Sightseeing, delving into the local culture, letting your hair loose and having fun, and, last but not least, relaxing – find different ways to do each of these activities with your group and the trip will turn out memorable!

Check out our recommendations for a group/family trip in Bucharest:

Bucharest City Tour

To get the gist of the city, just hop in one of Bucharest’s own double-decker buses. This is a fun way of taking a glimpse at some of the top sightseeing spots in the city and relaxing at the same time. The tourist route has 14 stops, and some of the highlights are the Arch of Triumph, Calea Victoriei, University, the Palace of Parliament and Piaţa Unirii. For those who want to find out more about these landmarks, there are also audio guides available in English, French, Italian and Romanian.

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24 Sep

Bucharest for the Solo Travellers

Have you ever given a try to solo traveling? That’s the way to go if you’re looking for an adventurous time in a new city! The most important reasons backing this idea: not only do you get a chance to work on your bucket list by doing all those things that you’re dreaming of and none of those you don’t want, but you also meet the people of the city and make new international friends!

We have 5 ideas to get you started on your adventure in Bucharest:

Expats get-together
Make your first step into discovering Bucharest by meeting up with those who have chosen this city as their home. An expat meeting is a great way to get your first insights into what to see and do in Bucharest, all in the company of people who come from the same background as you. Check what meetings are taking place in Bucharest on

Tango Evening
Get your dance shoes ready and try a dancing night out! Either for showing off your skills or learning something new, tangoing, for instance, would surely prove to be a fun way to spend your evening. There are various weekly dance sessions that you can choose from, like “Milonga at 7 o’clock” at Inspayer on Sundays.


Delicious Lunch

For a great many choices when it comes to eating out, the Old City Centre is the place to be. Go international with sushi at Sushi ko or with Turkish specialities at Calif, but don’t forget to explore the traditional cuisine.

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28 Aug

Discovering Bucharest the Green Way

Take your time when discovering a new city and go for an eco-friendly way of getting around and, the most important travel: improvise! While in Bucharest, walking around the city is a great option, as you’ll most definitely get its vibe while checking off the list everything that you plan on seeing.

Keep in mind that bike rentals are available and more and more locals are catching on the cycling trend! To show how easily you can make up a plan when you are already on the road, check out our recommendation for a green tour of Bucharest!

First Stop: Anthony Frost Bookshop
The post-breakfast stroll leads you to an English bookshop on Victory Road (address: Calea Victoriei 45), just the place to search for that perfect relaxing holiday book or for a travel guide.


If you’re eager to start the book, a coffee at the next-door cafe (in front of Humanitas Bookshop) will do the trick.


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19 Jul

A One Day Trip Outside Bucharest

During an extended stay in Bucharest why not venture outside the city for a day? There are quite a few destinations and each promises varied activities, ranging from a tour of an 18th century palace to putting your muscles to work by kayaking or going on an adventure park. Here are 3 itineraries of the top attractions nearby Bucharest:

Combining sightseeing, sports and relaxation, Snagov is a day trip suitable for anyone’s tastes. To make the most out of it, make sure to add a little bit of everything that Snagov has to offer. Lacul-Snagov-cu-insula Read More

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