30 Sep

Bucharest Design District

Almost every trip has a part that is dedicated to shopping, be it for clothing, traditional souvenirs or accessories that would give a twist to your interior design at home. Why not turn this part of your trip into a memorable and insightful experience into the local design scene? We have mapped out a selection of shops and galleries that make up Bucharest’s fashion & design district, places from where you won’t leave empty-handed for sure.

You’ll find unique shops off the main boulevards, scattered around little streets. For interior design aficionados, Dizainăr is the place to start. Putting together works of various well-known Romanian designers, Dizainăr has a lot to offer, from ceramics and furniture to jewelry and photography. The shop is close to Magheru Boulevard, at 17 Puțul cu Plopi.


Keeping to the interior design theme, Atelier Anda Roman is another must-visit. Coming here is a great way to brainstorm ideas to give a twist to your home or simply to look for that accessory that would make your home design complete. The showroom has a very homey feel about it, so your shopping trip will surely be a very relaxing one. You’ll find Atelier Anda Roman at 42 Grigore Alexandrescu.


With the interior design taken care of, let’s have a look at some fashion shops in Bucharest as well. Romanian fashion designs might be just what you’re wardrobe needs right now!

Also close to Magheru Boulevard is Adelina Ivan’s showroom where you can see some of her latest designs. Take a look at our previous article about her work.adelina

Moving closer to the Old City Centre, we come by Cult concept store. Opened this summer, the shop is full of unique designs and prints. How about a dress featuring an Amélie print with Romanian folk motifs? 3A Ion Câmpineanu is the address of the shop.

Right in the Old City Centre there are two shops that like to play with black and grey the designs and unsual cuts. At 1 Șelari Street you’ll find Vagabond studio, a good shop to go to when you feel like adding a black piece with an urban feel to your wardrobe. Drop by Otherside store as well at 10 I.C. Filitti Street, another independent store and an alternative to the usual shopping mall stores.


You can also check out and Romanian fashion online. One online shop to have in mind is Lana Dumitru‘s, a designer that loves Romanian ethnic prints.


We’ve seen what Bucharest has to offer in terms of local interior design and fashion and to round off our incursion a touch of contemporary art would be perfect! We have two recommendations for you:

At Galateca you can immerse yourself in art as well as design depending on the exhibition on show. There you can also go souvenir hunting, as Galateca also houses a unique Romanian gift shop. Address: 2 C.A. Rosetti Street.Galateca-85copy

The second recommendation is Zorzini, a gallery that’s all about contemporary art, exhibiting the works of both Romanian and international artists. Address: 44 Sfinții Apostoli Street.larger


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