24 Sep

Bucharest for the Solo Travellers

Have you ever given a try to solo traveling? That’s the way to go if you’re looking for an adventurous time in a new city! The most important reasons backing this idea: not only do you get a chance to work on your bucket list by doing all those things that you’re dreaming of and none of those you don’t want, but you also meet the people of the city and make new international friends!

We have 5 ideas to get you started on your adventure in Bucharest:

Expats get-together
Make your first step into discovering Bucharest by meeting up with those who have chosen this city as their home. An expat meeting is a great way to get your first insights into what to see and do in Bucharest, all in the company of people who come from the same background as you. Check what meetings are taking place in Bucharest on meetup.com.

Tango Evening
Get your dance shoes ready and try a dancing night out! Either for showing off your skills or learning something new, tangoing, for instance, would surely prove to be a fun way to spend your evening. There are various weekly dance sessions that you can choose from, like “Milonga at 7 o’clock” at Inspayer on Sundays.


Delicious Lunch

For a great many choices when it comes to eating out, the Old City Centre is the place to be. Go international with sushi at Sushi ko or with Turkish specialities at Calif, but don’t forget to explore the traditional cuisine.



The famous restaurant Lacrimi şi Sfinţi (Tears and Saints) is definitely worth a visit.
lacrimisisfinti2 (1)

lacrimi-si-sfinti-restaurant-bucharest-18 (1)

Shopping Time
Take something home with you to remember your trip to Bucharest by! While walking about the city, indulge yourself in a spot of shopping – look for traditional souvenirs like a peasant blouse (“ie” in Romanian), ceramics or even traditional rugs.

Club Night
Exploring the nightlife in Bucharest is a must! In the vibrant Old City Centre you will be sure to find anything you wish for. Here are two ideas: the urban hub Energiea is a pub with a very alternative feel about it, plus it is always very lively at night.


Biutiful Pub, the second place to keep in mind, plays upon the old and new theme, very fitting for the historical city centre, having a very cool vibe about it.Biutiful-pub-by-Twins-Studio-Bucharest-Romania

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