28 Aug

Discovering Bucharest the Green Way

Take your time when discovering a new city and go for an eco-friendly way of getting around and, the most important travel: improvise! While in Bucharest, walking around the city is a great option, as you’ll most definitely get its vibe while checking off the list everything that you plan on seeing.

Keep in mind that bike rentals are available and more and more locals are catching on the cycling trend! To show how easily you can make up a plan when you are already on the road, check out our recommendation for a green tour of Bucharest!

First Stop: Anthony Frost Bookshop
The post-breakfast stroll leads you to an English bookshop on Victory Road (address: Calea Victoriei 45), just the place to search for that perfect relaxing holiday book or for a travel guide.


If you’re eager to start the book, a coffee at the next-door cafe (in front of Humanitas Bookshop) will do the trick.


A Little Bit of Art
A few steps away you’ll be greeted by two choices of art spaces: depending on your tastes, you might either want to immerse yourself in classical and modern paintings at the National Museum of Art of Romania or perhaps go for an edgier choice and explore the contemporary art scene at Galateca Gallery.


A French Touch

There are plentiful of options for spending lunchtime in this part of town; Chocolat Bistro (address: Str. Episcopiei 6) by the Athenaeum is just one of them. This boutique restaurant will surely get your taste buds going and, on top of that, it adds to that “Little Paris” feel that Bucharest was once renowned for.


A Dynamic Afternoon

Perhaps a good idea now might be to head down to Kiseleff Park, only a few steps away from Victory Square, and rent a bike. Exploring northern Bucharest will be much easier and you’ll tick off some impressive sights over the course of the ride: Kiseleff and Aviatorilor Boulevard with their charming both historical and modern houses, the Arch of Triumph, Herăstrău Park and The House of the Free Press (Casa Presei Libere), a 1950s building designed in Social Realism style. If you get hungry on the way, a Romanian pretzel is the street food that you must give a try to!

What’s New in the City?
New cafes and restaurants are all the rage nowadays in Bucharest and you simply can’t miss them! Lokal (address: Eminescu 57A) is one of these places, welcoming you with healthy and surprising combinations of food, all in a very laid-back setting.  lokal

The Magical Ending to a Long Day

Enjoy the rest of the evening in the idyllic garden “La Metoc” (address: Popa Rusu 21), only a few minutes away from Tempo Hotel! With a wide variety of tea and summer specials (how does a big glass of ice tea with floating ice cream sound like?) and an intimate atmosphere, this place makes for a great ending to a day of sightseeing! metoc1metoc4metoc5

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