31 Aug

Exploring the Street Art of Bucharest

It’s refreshing to see the city change with colour and creativity! Although Bucharest is not yet an established street art hub, you can’t help but be impressed by its potential. Ingenious graffiti are shaping up a hip vibe in more and more parts of Bucharest and add splashes of colour to the urban landscape and smiles to everyone who passes by.

There’s no better place to start our unique tour of the street art in Bucharest than Arthur Verona Street, the place where street art started happening a few years ago. Pop in at Cafe Verona on the same street and grab a refreshing drink to make it through the whole tour.


As we leave Arthur Verona Street and we find ourselves on the Magheru Boulevard, take a look at Cărturești Bookshop – a graffiti (Pisica Patrata) made its way right on the bookshop.


Continuing on Magheru Boulevard, Ciclop Garage is another must-see. The multi-storey garage dates back to the 1920′s, but after 90 years its function was completely changed and revived with street art. It makes for a special place for alternative and artistic events, so make sure to check if there is anything scheduled.


Next stop on our list is 10 minutes away from Piața Romană, at 64 Griviței Avenue, a geometric design that plays with intricacies of the Romanian society.


From Griviței Avenue we make our way to Berzei Street corner with Știrbei Street, an unexpected place where ingenuity and creativity worked their charms, putting it on the graffiti map of Bucharest.


We’ve slowly reached the end of our tour and this last stop takes us south of the city centre, near Carol Park (Xenofon Street). Among the little streets in the charming Cotroceni neighbourhood packed with 20th century houses we find the only stairway street in Bucharest. The street became an instant attraction for urban art when it was painted, giving it a unique personality.


After seeing these highlights of street art in Bucharest, one thing is certain: our local street artists have a lot to say and they will keep on surprising us! If you come across other fascinating displays of street art, share them with us!

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