30 Jun

Let’s go on a bike ride on Calea Victoriei!

Today we’re taking out our bikes and we’re going on a city tour! You don’t have to worry about the traffic in Bucharest, because we will be taking advantage of the perfect bike lanes on Calea Victoriei. Are you ready to ride around the city and see the main attractions in Bucharest? Let’s go!

We’re starting off near Piața Universității (University Square), in front of CEC Palace. Built right at the beginning of the 20th century, it fits perfectly well into the Parisian atmosphere that Bucharest was once renowned for.


Across the street you’ll find the perfect place to discover Romania’s past – the National History Museum and on the steps of the museum a somewhat peculiar statue. It’s the famous Trajan and the She-wolf statue. Tourists and locals alike never miss a chance to take a picture with it!


Now let’s take our bikes, go up on Calea Victoriei and discover the next treasures of the city. The avenue takes us to the Romanian Athenaeum, a celebrated national symbol and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The interiors are breathtaking as well, so spending an evening at a classical concert would be an idea to keep in mind.


In the same square stands the National Art Museum which used to house the Royal Family before the Second World War.


As we continue our tour, we pass an interesting art gallery: Kube Musette.  It is designed as a window display that gives passersby a chance to take in the installations displayed.


Now we’re reaching the perfect segment of Calea Victoriei to take a break. There are many hip and charming garden bars, hidden from the streets. Sip a drink in the shade of the trees at Monteoru or Eden Garden and, if you feel like listening to jazz, make your way to Green Hours Jazz Garden.


All rested, we head to the home of the famous woman nicknamed Mița Biciclista at St. Piața Amzei 5. She was famous in the interwar period thanks to her unconventional ways and to her habit of always getting around the city with a bicycle. In fact, her nickname „Biciclista” actually means the woman bicycle rider!

Next stop is Piața Victoriei (Victory Square), an impressively large square where you’ll find the government headquarters (Victoria Palace), the Natural History Museum and the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. From here on, enjoy a relaxing bike ride along the Kiseleff or Aviatorilor Boulevards and also in the park between them. It’s an extremely bike friendly area, with a lot of trees which make this the perfect place to cycle during summer days.

Calea Victoriei is one of Bucharest’s oldest avenues and many attractions are scattered all along the way. Rent a bike and take the time to discover this part of the city, you won’t regret it!

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