29 Jun

A Day through the Hidden Bucharest

For many tourists Bucharest is synonymous with the imposing Palace of the Parliament and the historical city center with its vibrant night life, but Romania’s capital has a lot more to offer for those who venture off the beaten track. This tour is the perfect opportunity to explore the city beyond the usual sightseeing spots mentioned in guidebooks.

We will discover the architectural diversity of Bucharest with examples of Belle Epoque, Art Deco, modernism and the specific architectural style that you will find nowhere else but in Romania: the Neo-Romanian style. Are you ready to set out on a journey through the development of urban life in Bucharest over the last 100 years?

We start the tour on Dacia Boulevard, a quaint residential artery with beautiful villas built over the course of the 19th and 20th century. Art Deco and Modernism are best represented in this area that still captures the atmosphere of interwar Bucharest.

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09 Jun

6 Must-Try Dishes in Romania

A journey through a city is not complete without a tour of the traditional cuisine, especially when you are greeted with varied and delicious options as it is the case here, in Romania. Along the course of history, different waves of cultures, especially Turkish and Hungarian, have added their touch to the Romanian food, rendering it diverse and extremely tasty. Here are the top 6 dishes that will take your taste buds on a memorable ride:


“Sarmale” is perhaps one of the most popular traditional dishes in Romania and it is usually served on festive days. It is made of minced meat, rice, onions and spices rolled in pickled cabbage or vine leaves. As you will notice, Romanians love to add a spoonfull of sour cream to many dishes, and this makes no exception.
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29 May

On trend places in Bucharest

Visiting a city is not only about checking off the list the top sightseeing spots. To get its vibe, you`ll want to go beyond that and explore hip gathering places. Whethere it’s a pub, bookstore, or cafe that you are looking for, Bucharest has some memorable choices in line for you.

Now a stylish centre for alternative urban culture, Energiea used to be a printing house at the beginning of the 20th century. You’ll feel the history of the building in the ingenious design at the same time with the great dinamics of the pub.
Address: Brezoianu 4

For the best selection of alternative and underground music, Control Club is the place to be. Both a bar and a night club, Control is a great idea for going out either by day of by night. Stay in tune with their latest news, there are lots of events ready to welcome you, from film screenings to fairs and concerts.
Address: Constantin Mille 4
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13 May

Top 5 Most Charming Terraces in Bucharest

You are wandering through the city, it’s a warm and wonderful day with the sun shining brightly in the sky and you start looking for that one cosy place where you can enjoy a refreshing drink, talk for hours or simply relax. Among the busy streets of Bucharest, there are lovely unique oases of tranquility, perfect for an escape from the fast pace of living. Don’t know which one to choose?

Here are our top 5 suggestions of the most beautiful terraces in Bucharest!

Oar Garden

It feels as if you’re in the middle of nature, there’s green every where you look and the city seems miles away. It’s such a beautifully designed garden and the subtle music playing in the background adds to its intimacy.
Str. Arthur Verona 19


Dianei 4

Alternative and bohemian – Dianei 4 has a personality of its own, an offbeat style that will captivate you. Be it hanging out with friends, reading, or perhaps catching up with work during the day, this terrace is a great choice. Don’t forget to check out their events, there’s an ecclectic mix of parties that take place here at nighttime.
Str. Dianei nr 4
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