31 Jul

Romanian Sweets&Drinks That You Have to Try

We all have our favourite sweet treats that we just love to give in to! It goes without saying that there are a few snacks that are representative for the tastes of a whole nation. When you are in Romania you have to try all the local flavours, so go ahead and grab the snacks in our selection and let us know what you think! And to make this list even more appealing, we’ve also added recommendations of traditional drinks. Let’s see:

ROM Chocolate


The ROM Chocolate bar is the most distinctive chocolate treat in Romania and you can get at every corner shop you run into. It’s been around since the ’60s and it looks like it’s going to be here for just as long. The delicious combination of dark chocolate and rum will surely get your taste buds going!


You’ll see that we, Romanians, seem to have a thing for rum because this sweet snack also features a rum-flavoured filling. “Eugenia” is a sandwich biscuit originally made with a cocoa and rum filling. Just like the ROM chocolate bar, Eugenia dates back to the Communist period. Since it lasted for more than half a century, there’s definitely something about it. All Romanian kids love it and adults surely love to remember their youth while indulging in an eugenie.



Do you know those tasty addictive snacks that you simply can’t have enough of? Well, “pufarine” falls into this category. They are basically flavoured puff cereals and what happens with these is that once you try one you go for the next one and so on. They are sweet, crunchy but also soft inside and they taste like childhood when you would go on indulging in sweets and forgetting to stop. Give them a try and see how you handle the addiction.

Because a meal or a snack is never complete without a complimentary drink, here are some of the local drinks that you have to try during your stay here in Romania:



A traditional Romanian meal is always accompanied by a strong spirit called “țuică”.  This is a drink made only from plums and can be really strong, usually around 40%. “Țuică” is traditionally drunk before a meal since it increases appetite. If you’re looking to work up an appetite, now you know what you have to do: just down a little bit of this Romanian spirit and you’re all set!



You should definitely try a traditionally made Romanian wine! Romanians are really attached to their vineyards and wines and some of them like to make their own beverage using traditional fermentation methods. Why not diversify your stay in Romania with a trip to some of our best vineyards? Podgoria Dealu Mare, Podgoria Murfatlar and Podgoria Cotnari are among the most renowned.



Let’s finish with something on the soft side. While socata is not originally a Romanian drink, it is widely popular during summer and it has a sweet homey taste that you’ll fall in love with it. This soft drink is made from elderflower and it is slightly pinchy with the perfect combination of sweet and sour to cool you down on a hot summer day. So try something new next time you are looking for a refreshing drink! Maybe you’ll fall in love with our socată!


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