30 Sep

Travelling in a Group to Bucharest

When setting out on a journey either with a larger group of friends or with your family, you know the itinerary has to be diverse and cater for everyone’s interests. Sightseeing, delving into the local culture, letting your hair loose and having fun, and, last but not least, relaxing – find different ways to do each of these activities with your group and the trip will turn out memorable!

Check out our recommendations for a group/family trip in Bucharest:

Bucharest City Tour

To get the gist of the city, just hop in one of Bucharest’s own double-decker buses. This is a fun way of taking a glimpse at some of the top sightseeing spots in the city and relaxing at the same time. The tourist route has 14 stops, and some of the highlights are the Arch of Triumph, Calea Victoriei, University, the Palace of Parliament and Piaţa Unirii. For those who want to find out more about these landmarks, there are also audio guides available in English, French, Italian and Romanian.

Village Museum

Take advantage of a sunny day and enter an entirely different world from that of urban life. The Village Museum is a great choice when travelling in a larger group: it’s an outside museum, the setting is picturesque and the traditional houses from all corners of the country have something of a fairy-tale feel about them, which would make this outing memorable.


Romanian Treats

A traditional meal is a must when travelling to a new country, so make sure to include a restaurant with Romanian dishes in your itinerary. Caru’ cu Bere is one of the most renowned restaurants in Bucharest, not only for its delicious food, but also for the interior decor which leaves its guests amazed! Especially on weekends there is also live entertainment, such as music and dancers, which adds to the festive atmosphere.


Amusement Park

What do you say about an adrenaline-fuelled evening? Spend an evening full of excitement with your family or friends at Bucharest’s funfair, Terra Park. Though the more extreme rides are not exactly for the faint-hearted, those are the most fun ones, so test your limits and give them a try!


AFI Palace Cotroceni

A city trip would not be complete without a shopping spree! AFI Palace Cotroceni is an immense shopping mall, but with the advantage of having every shop you can think of under one roof! When you get tired of going from shop to shop, you can opt for skating inside (even on hot summer days!), watching a film at the cinema or trying your hand at laser tag.


A Walk in a Park: Cişmigiu or Herăstrău

For those lazy afternoons when no one is really in the mood for some serious tourist activity, a walk in Cişmigiu or Herăstrău Park is definitely the way to go. You can lie on the grass, take in the sun and recharge your batteries.


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