31 Oct

Who’s Got A Sweet Tooth?

Everybody loves a good desert, especially during a holiday escapade. Knowing what places are a definite must try will surely come in handy, because what better way is there to relax after a session of sightseeing if not by sitting down in a cosy café or restaurant and indulging into a delicious sweet treat?

When in Bucharest, keep an eye out for the following 7 places where tasty deserts are all the rage:

Casa Capșa

With a long tradition and fame, Capșa House has been around for more than 150 years with some of the best confectionaries in the city. Both a pastry shop and a coffee house, Capșa used to be an aristocratic meeting place and it retains to this day the glamour of the times of yore.
Address: 36 Calea Victoriei


Camera din Față

Hidden on a little street only two minutes away from Piața Romană, Camera din Față (The Front Room) is an intimate teahouse& café with an authentic design that manages to take you away from the busy pace of the city. The perfect spot for the five o`clock tea alongside a slice of cake.
Address: 22 D.I. Mendeleev


Rue du Pain

The French surely do know their pastry and deserts, so a French café would always be the way to go if you want to treat yourself. La Rue du Pain is a bar-bistro where you can see the pâtissiers at work; there is also a terrace for the sunny, warm days. It would be impossible to resist this authentic French bakery and pastry shop!
Address: 111-113 Calea Floreasca


Caru’ cu Bere

Situated right in the old city center, Caru’ cu Bere is one of the most famous restaurants in Bucharest serving traditional Romanian dishes. SInce a tour of the city’s finest confectionaries has to dedicate one stop to the local and beloved deserts, remember to try “papanași” (cheese doughnut with jam and sour cream) at this popular restaurant.
Address: 5 Stavropoleos


Van Gogh Grand Café

Overlooking the National Bank of Romania, a historic monument built in the ecclectic style of the late 19th century, Van Gogh Grand Café is all about indulging in a cup of coffee and a variety of deserts such as Eton mess, lemon cheese cake, chocolate cake, while jazz music plays in the background.
Address: 9 Smârdan


Piccolo Mondo

How about some Oriental deserts? Lebanese deserts are well-appreciated and they are pretty common in Bucharest. One place where to try them: Piccolo Mondo, a restaurant that specialises in Lebanese cuisine.
Address: 9 Clucerului piccolo


With an abundance of honey, nuts, fruits and crispy pastry dough, the Greeks surely do know a lot about deserts! Zoomserie pastry shop, situated close to Piața Unirii, offers all the classical Greek deserts, traditional confectionaries and a few delicious extras in the form of local deserts with a Greek twist.
Address: 23 Sfânta Vineri


Now all that’s left to do is to go out there and explore Bucharest through its sweet treats!

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